Showing a little leg: Living room Arm Chairs

Monday, February 24, 2014

  Reupholstering has been a hobby for me since college.  I worked in a friends shop and she taught me everything I know. Now I have the privilege of using this craft to update furniture in my home.  One thing I hate is how furniture has become so disposable. I love how in the day they used to buy a good quality piece and have it reupholstered when needed and keep it for a lifetime, then have it passed down.  That is what I call a good investment!
I've been looking for a couple of matching arm chairs.  When I saw these cute chairs at the Salvation Army, I was immediately drawn to the fabric and the style.  They were the right size and I knew right where to put them.  I didn't end up purchasing them that day and decided to think on them.  Well to say the least they haunted me a couple of days and I had this sinking feeling that they were gone. This has happened before to me and my sister and we both kicked ourselves that we didn't snatch them when we 1st saw them!  But these Ethan Allen Beauties were met to be for me this time.  They were in good condition and I think I'll keep the fabric on them for a good while!
This is how they looked when I 1st bought them.  I kept thinking I like them but there is something I don't like.  Then it came to me!  The skirt, I have to get rid of the skirt!
It's funny how furniture resembles a woman.  The legs, it's curves and sometimes it's fabric.  Well this skirt was making my chair look short and stumpy!  And I think every woman wouldn't mind looking a bit more tall!!
After I took the skirt off it was like she put on a pair of high heels!! And doesn't she look 10 years younger showing a little leg?!!
Overall I like the cleaner look and I do like the legs showing.  Not to mention you can see the wood floor underneath which makes the room look larger compared to the skirt cutting the floor off.

I'm very pleased.  The boys love them too. It's so cute to see them sitting in them side by side, but priceless seeing them snuggle together in one!

Buy the way if your wondering I spent $100 on these chairs.  $50 bucks a chair compared to $300 plus for one will do for this lady!
Then to top my purchases off with a cherry I found this garden set for $20.  No cushions but I love having the freedom to choose!
Can not wait to sit on them one day very soon! Come on spring!

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Gwen, The Makerista said...

Those are so perfect, Julie! I love the pop they give the space, and yes, taking the skirt off did wonders! Great find!