Not Sweating Winter: Striped DIY Painted Sweatshirt

Sunday, March 9, 2014

 I'm first to tell you that I'm not a fashion person as far as investing in it and wearing it.  I get inspiration from fashion, but I think I would be the one behind the sewing machine, dressed in all black than the model wearing it. Every once in a while I get  inspired to do something with clothing.  My sister-n-law Julie is kind enough to give me hand-me-downs.  (Hand-me-down seems like the wrong phrase, as she does give me good stuff!) After telling her thank you, I tell her, "you know some of this stuff I'll wear for 10 plus years".  I'm exaggerating a little, but I do wear my clothes to the ground!
Last week I got this fever called Spring and it was snowing to top the day off, so I decided to do something to lift my spirits. I went shopping in my closet and I found this gray sweatshirt my sis-n-law gave me.  The sweater was really long and I thought; I want to shorten it and maybe bring in the sleeves and make some rolled cuffs.
I didn't realize how easy taking a shirt in just sew down the seams. I first cut off the cuffs and then sewed the arm seams.  Then I rolled the cuffs and tack sewed them into place.   After the arms where done I cut the elastic band around the waist and shortened the sweater. Then sewed the elastic back on.  Sounds like a lot but it really was easy.  This was the 1st time I tailored a shirt and it opened a whole door of opportunities.....or the door of my closet;)....I thought what other clothes can I change!!

I decided to brighten this shirt up with a little paint.  I went to to get inspired and encouraged by there spring line.  I saw a lot of nautica/sailor type shirts.  Then I saw a simple striped sweatshirt, and I thought "yep painters tape here I come"!
So I taped the shirt.....
 Got out my acrylic paint and stencil brush and started patting away. (I don't use fabric paint, in high school I painted my 1st sweatshirt with acrylic and it works just fine. Maybe some of you have used fabric paint....does it make a difference?  I find that the acrylic paint feels ruff at 1st and then after a couple of washing it softens up and wears really well.) Anyway.......I didn't bother putting anything under the shirt because I wasn't going to paint it too thick.  If your wanting a more finished stripe use more layers of paint.  You might want to put something under the shirt, so it doesn't bleed through.  After your done painting, let it dry and wash as normal.

 I used Royal blue and a neon yellow paint. The yellow got a bit muted, but I kinda liked the rustic look.
I enjoyed this project, it was nice to take a break from homey stuff. I felt like I learned a thing or two along the way.   This will be a great sweater to wear on one of those perfect short and sweatshirt days!!

I'm thinking I want to try a floral print next time, something bright and feminine.  

Are you getting the spring itch to go through and change out your closet into lighter and brighter clothes?  I think that is something I'll try and tackle this week. I see a fight coming with a lady named mother nature, and the flip flops must come out!:)

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Rachel said...

I love that sweater, Julie. You're so creatively brave. :) I'm the same way with my clothes. I love to wear them out.