Throw Pillow Upscale

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The past couple of years I've been in a sewing funk. I love to sew but for some reason it felt like a big chore and not a fun hobby. (I guess moving and getting pregnant didn't help either!:)  Once I get started I'm fine but like most things it's taking that 1st step that is the  hardest.  Last week I kept seeing things around my home that could use a little upscaling/TLC.  My eye has been on my living room pillows for quite some time...they needed a little sprucing up.  I made these pillow covers when I lived in KC. I used a fabric from some old curtains from the 50's. I LOOOOVE this fabric and I see that it's wearing a bit but I want to keep it as long as I can.  I really liked the pillow covers I made but I kept thinking, I would love some black binding around them.  So I mustard up the energy and drug up my machine and got to work......
 I do a very simple slip cover for my throw pillows.  For some reason I can not find the before picture of these guys....I know I took one but I must have put it in a weird folder that I can't find on my computer like one of my boys baby folders.  One day I might find it but it wasn't worth me loosing my mind trying to find it this time.
 So before they looked similar to this below....(this is the back side of the pillow)....

 I love that they don't have zippers! I'm telling you these are so easy!!   Maybe one day I'll have to do a DIY post to show how ridiculously easy these are to make!   I just get so anxious thinking of doing a DIY post, they slightly stress me out and I don't consider myself a good teacher/explainer.  But I just might have to do this one, these pillow covers are life changing!
 Before the pillows were really simple. Now I love how the black binding  frames this beautiful fabric and gives it a touch of class.  I know these pillows won't last forever, makes me sad that I can't go out and buy another yard of  this one of a kind fabric, but I'm glad I took the time to give them a lift for the time I have them!
 It's crazy how well these pillows match my new chairs.....I love how things organically go together! Upscaling can be so rewarding, it's like giving your paid for car a good detailed cleaning. With a little effort you can continue to love the things you already have.

Spring Cleaning is springing in the Gates home.  You will find me cleaning things like my junk drawer below......

As I'm cleaning, I'm dreaming of dirt.  My outdoor home is on my mind as I think what bushes I'm going to put in this year and what flower garden I'm going to add.  Is dirt on your mind, what are you going to grow this year?

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