Dog Portrait of Sweet Arwen

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I hope you like my blog updates.  It feels like I've opened the windows, washed down the walls and washed the curtains!  Nothing like a deep spring clean!  I'm loving my clean slate to work from after a hard winter: emotionally, physically and not one break from the FREEZING COLD weather....I feel like warmer days and brighter horizons are ahead!! 
I'm still adding a thing here or there, but I feel like I got a good portion of it done.  In the midst of updating my blog, I had a friend ask me to paint a portrait of her dog.  I was honored and thrilled to do it for her and her family. It was a nice break to do something hands on, instead of staring at a computer!  

 Here's some pictures of sweet Arwen....(I've only met her once, but her eyes just say sweet to me)!!

Arwen and I burned the midnight oil together while watching Jimmy Fallon.  Here I'm getting the base of the portrait down. It kinda looks like paint by number at this point.  I'm just getting the shadowing and highlights in. I had 3 pictures to go off of.  I went with the picture with Arwen's tongue out. My friend wanted her mouth closed, and her color was is more white than blonde.  
 I think the eyes seal the deal for me.  If the eyes aren't right then the whole painting is not right.  I really like to focus and get them exact! My type A personality comes out strong when I paint portraits . I find myself second guessing myself and analyzing it to death!  So when my friend told me that it looks just like Arwen....I was so happy!

I gave Arwen some texture since she is covered in fur:)!  I wanted it to look textured but not too ruff since she is so soft! 

Dogs just melt my heart!   I can see that she is so sweet and such a blessing to the family!  I can't wait to see to see her completed in a pretty frame!

The boys room is in the close to the finish line!  Paint by number mountain mural is in the making right now.  I have my Instagram pics up on my blog now if you want to follow along and see little peeks into my projects!


Rachel said...

I loved reading about your creative process, Julie! Thank you for sharing that in this post. I'm sending this link to Jesse now so he can read about it as well. I'll post soon Arwen in her frame. :)

Julie, Creative Little House said...

Thanks again for the opportunity Rachel! Can't wait to see her in your post!