30th Birthday Party for Julie

Monday, March 31, 2014

My sis-n-law Julie turned 30 last week. Julie and I have had the privilege of sharing our exact names (middle name and all) for a short while. Then I met Scotty and the rest was history!! If only I could share my age with  her age now!!

So since the old girl was turning 30;) I offered to throw a little desert party for her.  After I offered, I had a really busy week and time just slipped away from me!  I woke up on the day of the party with no plan of how I was going to decorate and I started to freak out a little....Now I know no one expects me to fuss all over the decorations but I still wanted to do something special for her! Typically I have pinned ideas to death on Pinterest and have everything all ready to go, well I guess a girl can't always be on her game!:) I knew from experience that freaking out wouldn't help matters, so instead I went to my craft room, gathered a few things and got to work!

The one idea I had was to put a definition of the name Julie on a sign.  I love using my big mirror as a focal point in my kitchen. When you walk into my house, go through the mudroom and hit the kitchen, this is one of the 1st things you see.  I painted a Lorax sign on my mirror for my son Fisher here. I thought I would use the mirror again for Julie. I used words to rhyme with thirty in the definition: Thirty, Dirty, Flirty, and Purty! We Overall I wanted it to be fun, pink and chic, just like Julie! and I think I pulled it off by the skin of my teeth...
I got out my china, wine glasses, and cloth napkins.  I love, love, love using fancy stuff.  Being away from our kids for a few hours and having adult conversation demands a celebration, and why not make it special!!
Instead of buying roses I found a tutorial on how to fold napkins into roses.  It seems like every party I throw, I learn something new.  This doesn't happen very often for me when following tutorial directions, but I got it right the 1st try! These napkins just made me smile, and what girl wouldn't like a rose napkin!

I placed the roses on some black card stock, strung some pink ribbon around them, and placed some asparagus around them to add a touch of green, or look like stems or something, I don't know I was winging it here girls!

I hope to do a tutorial on how to make these napkin roses soon.....so fun and easy!
I free styled the sign with white craft paint with my lovey penmanship ;P!  I so wish I could write pretty!  I guess it gave it a "personal" touch with my own font!

Drinkie area!

This was such a fun party and so simple to decorate!  Julie your worth a million but this cost me $0!  It's amazing what you can do if you just look around your home.  Or your husbands tool bag, where I found this boundary tape.  This stuff is awesome!  There is so much of it and it doesn't tear like streamers and has a little stretch to it!...lots of possibilities here!
Do get a little stressed when you have people over?  I feel like the more I do it, the more confident I feel. Also letting go of the idea that everything has to be perfect, is like finding gold for your soul!  I still have a folding table in my dinning area, I still have trim that's not painted and mudroom with no floor.  Just forget about it and focus on the people and have fun!!  And if decorating is your thing, do it! If it's not your thing, but you want it to be, ask a friend for help....that always makes it more fun!

Happy Birthday Julie!!

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Julie said...

Thanks Julie!! It was so much fun!! And it was so purty! Loved the passing of the cupcakes!