Blue October (Fall Decor)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Growing up in Iowa you have a mixture of sports fans with no pro sports here.  So when I moved to KC and lived in Raytown, MO (thee sports "town" of Kansas City),  I got hooked!  I have loved baseball since I was a kid.  My stud little brother was rippin it up when he was in Tball, to AAU, to high school.  So I learned the game young and began to love it.  I've been a Royals fan for 16 years now.  It was a long 13 years watching the boys in blue struggle and even longer for those Royal lifetime fans, but now we are all over joyed as we see this team come together and now playing round 2 in the postseason!!
Last Sunday afternoon we decided to head to KC to watch the Royals play the Angels.....
We were listening to the Chiefs on the radio but all I could see and think about was Blue! I love our Chiefs but at this point is anyone thinking about football?!   It was a gorgeous Sunday drive!
So the last time we came to KC to watch the Royals they played the Angels, it rained, the game got delayed 5 hours, we left, they got beat bad.  So my superstition started kicking in, and I thought we were going to mess the whole game up.  Like I have that kind of power!:) 

But as we pulled up to the Kauffman Stadium, all was well.....we were in Royal heaven!  

Scotty took me to a Royals game on our 1st date!  This place has always been special to us.  For us, who needs the beach when you got Kauffman Stadium!  I guess you could call us Royal!
 It did rain that night, so I guess my superstition was a little right, but the Royals reined down on the Angels harder!  They played the most amazing game!  Home runs, diving catches, stolen bases, and to end it all for the win an MVP strike out!! The Royals fans were and are out of this world along with those KC BBQ nachos!  Celebration kiss was in order for sure!!
 So when I came home I did a little fall decorating.  And since we are playing the Orioles next I said "no orange pumpkins"!  Superstition kicking in again!  I must admit I'm a postseason, world series virgin.  I mean I've watched other teams go and  I get excited, BUT when it's your team, it gets crazy.  Like thoughts of painting my house Royal blue with Gold shutters crazy!
I wanted to make our entry a Royally festive, so I painted our little pumpkin white with red baseball stitches on it. Topped it with a hat that we had BBQ nachos in, threw a yellow mum in and a baseball bat.
I been wanting to make a sign for a long time for the Royals.....and I thought, it's time!
 I completely copied a sign I found on pinterest.  I free handed it, so I guess in some ways it's mine!:)
Now I'm ready for Blue October!!
It's such a fun time to be a Royals fan.  We have nothing to lose at this point!  I see a team that is in it for their fans and fans that are in it for their team!! One happy mid west family!
For the love of the game, GO ROYALS!!!

Do you get all festive for your Team?
Do you buy into superstition?


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