My First Thanksgiving

Friday, November 14, 2014

I offered to do Thanksgiving this year.  My mom has done a great job hosting Thanksgivings year after year, I thought she needed a break and I needed some practice. So in preparation I've been moving things around in our home to make it more spacious, preparing a kids table in the spare bedroom right off the kitchen, making a menu, and figuring out the table details. It's a lot and I can see why one would like a break.....but at the same time what a privilege to serve my family this year!

I cam across a home interior painting at a thrift store that was around $2.   I spray painted over the brass frame and painted the inside black.  Since I didn't have chalkboard paint I just used regular craft paint, it worked fine and the chalk went on just fine. Who knows what this cute oval framed piece will end up being but for now it's a Thanksgiving sign...

My mother-n-law gave me this China that was her moms.  First thing I thought when I saw it was Thanksgiving.  It's simple and I love the wheat for this time of harvest.  I'm trying not to buy much as far as decor and paper goods. I'm sticking to things I have around the house and yard.  I picture the tables being very simple with the China doing most of the talking.  I love using cloth napkins, there is something liberating about not having to buy them.   My dad made this beautiful copper and metal candle stand that I want to use.  I love how things just end up going together.....

My sis-n-law is bringing adorable copper cups.  I love the touch of color they bring to the table.

It's seems as I'm going to do  a fancy dancy sit down dinner with china and all....but I'm keeping it free flowing buffet style. And as far as the china I don't want to fuss all over it, I just want to use it, if it breaks it breaks.   I plan to have most of the warm foods in the kitchen, I'll keep the deserts on my buffet in the living room and my little black dresser is where the appetizers will be. It's been fun figuring out the details.
So if you don't here from me before Thanksgiving you know what I'm is quite the learning experience. I'm getting excited but I know my personality needs to be well prepared for me to enjoy it.....I hate stress!

How about you, does entertaining stress you out?

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