a Little Masterpiece

Monday, July 18, 2011

I just love these pictures of my little blondy in his little white undershirt creating.  He's creating a watering can out of a milk jug.  It was so fun to see him just do his thing.  I tried not to coach but just watch and see what he would do with this project....

 I first gave him some permanent markers.

 He liked playing with the markers but was very consistent on his own to put the cap back on the marker.....this is his dad in him.
 Then I gave him paint and I think this was his favorite part.
 He was focused....
 This face is definitely his mommas face.

 Look at that little muscle....getting so big!

 Then he wanted to line up all the markers....he likes order for sure!
Children are such beautiful masterpieces that God has given us!

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