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Saturday, September 1, 2012

I miss focusing on cooking so much....seems like since we've moved eating has been a chore and I just wanted to get a meal made and off my list.  But recently....I miss cooking, trying new recipes, making recipes with a lot of veggies.  In the past we've made recipes with 1/2 the meat, instead of a full pound we've made it with a 1/2 pound.  This year we are going to try making more vegetarian meals and when we eat meat we want to try and use just a quarter pound meat and beef up our meals on veggies.

Before you assume I'm one of those people....I want to make it clear I love meat and I love food!! For me I just want to feel better about what I put in my body and I want more energy.  The past 2 months we've been working hard and have been eating like crap. Not a good combo at all.  I don't know all the science of what food does to your body.  But I do know, food makes you gain weight, and when you eat better and loose weight almost everyone says I feel better and have more energy. So that tells me food has an effect on my body.

So I'm striving add more vegetables into our diets....So I had zucchini and I decided to try zucchini fritters.
Isn't pretty all shredded up!
 So for dinner that night I made a big salad, zucchini fritters, potato with butter, little sour cream, cheese and crumbled up bacon.  I know it's not completely healthy with all the butter and stuff, I have to break Scotty in slowly and really myself too.  I find if you eat a big salad before a meal you always feel fuller, so we ate 2 helpings before we dug into the other stuff.
 Then I wanted to make Kale chips, well didn't realize I picked up collard greens I made collard green chips.  And they were yummy!  They don't look crispy in the picture but they are so crisp and good!
 So instead of a salad we had kale chips with our pizza boats, that I made with just a quarter pound of meat and lots of peppers, mushrooms, and onions.
So its a start...not perfect but a start. I want to explore a bunch of vegetables that we haven't tried.  Brussel sprouts are next!
Here the recipes I used:

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