My boy the artist!

Monday, October 1, 2012

 William has always loved drawing.  He loves to draw straight lines and circles.  He draws with both hands.  He likes to draw a line with a color and then put it down pick up a new color draw a line and so on.  He is kinda organized with his drawings. He's also a bit serious...he will get his face right down on the paper and watch has his marker glides along the paper.  I find it fascinating how into it he is and you can tell he is thinking about what he's drawing not just scribbling color on the page.  Sometimes I do wonder what he's thinking as he draws.  Kids are so creative and don't have to much to block there creative juices.
 I was cutting #1's for Fisher's 1st birthday and of course William wanted to join me....he my craft buddy.  So I gave him all of my scrapes and a black marker and look at this master piece. I personally love it.  Part of it reminds me of Halloween and then I see this being on a skate board, or made into retro fabric.  But for now this is just William and he likes lines circles.
Williams did let me know that this part of the piece was a boy.  He said its a boy momma!
So will just call this piece BOY:)

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Rachel said...

I think I saw a football in there! I LOVE my children's fun to frame. :)