Kitchen Peak

Friday, February 15, 2013

 I haven't shared very many pictures of my kitchen.  I feel like it's not completely done but thought I would share anyway.  And even though I'm not done I feel like we've came a long way so wanted to give you a peak. Here's the main part of the kitchen.
Here's the dinning side of the kitchen.

 Here's the pic before....color
 I was dreaming of a white kitchen.....Scotty snapped this picture when we got the keys to our home, I really don't know what I'm doing here!:)
  we needed to move in so we did.....
 then we got started the cabinet painting process....and in the middle of all that scraped ceilings, sprayed ceilings, painted, got a new dishwasher and frig, took out the tile flooring, put new flooring in and put some new light fixtures in....I feel exhausted listing all of this, so glad the big stuff is over!!
 Looking white....
Here's a pic at during Christmas time.

Here's how my kitchen looks now....
I haven't really been able to focus on it and decorate it how I want it.  Not so sure about everything, but I'll get the vision eventually and I feel like I have a good canvas to work with!  There is a a few loose ends I need to finish up.
 Here are some changes we would like to do eventually:
New counter tops: something darker (I think this will add some color and complete the kitchen)
Back splash, I have no idea right now.
Put some lighting above the cabinets 
Maybe paint some color or wallpaper on the upper part of the walls and trim it out.`
We need to finish up my table even though the folding table has worked out great!
Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how much we've done.  I feel so blessed to make this house our home!

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Rachel said...

The white kitchen is beautiful, Julie! You and Scotty have done so much work. It looks great. :)