Iowa Landscape Paintings

Friday, April 12, 2013

 Happy Friday!!  I try to free Friday's to treat myself to a little creativity.  I wish I had more time to blog but in this stage of life one day a week keeps me balanced. So I've been in the process of painting some Iowa landscapes and I'm finally done.  It's interesting how you paint faster with kids, I normally like to take my time and I find myself nit picking at my painting trying to make them perfect.  I've always said to myself and others if your not relaxed and carefree while painting your not really painting, your more like doing a complicated math problem that hinders creativity and doesn't allow for mistakes which can be a window of a masterpiece!!
So my inspiration for making  Iowa landscapes is simply Iowa (home).  Moving away to a bigger city I can remember driving  home my neck tense from the 5:00 city traffic, then finally winding around the corner of I 35 and hitting the country.  It's was like my mind and body was at peace.  I loved looking at the landscapes of farms, skies, cows, all the green.  I think my favorite scene is the corn fields.  There is just something so perfectly simple about Iowa landscapes.  Some may never know or appreciate the beauty, I guess for me the love for Iowa is in my veins!
I got my inspiration from a local artist that paints landscapes of Iowa.  I wish I had time to go and sit out in the middle of nowhere and paint but again that's not the stage of life I'm in right now.  One thing I love about Iowa is the rich soil it has. Here's a spring time painting with the rows freshly tilled and ready for seed.

Here's the painting above my book shelves.  I love the simpleness of this painting and I think we will enjoy the freshness of it especially during the long cold winters.
Here's the before of the living room without shelves with empty frames.
 I got these frames at the resale store.  As you can tell the painting is not really my style but I loved the frames.
 I painted over the store bought art and made it my own.

 Here's the second painting.  This is more of a mid summer painting.  Love the pond and the different shades of green.  Memories of fishing when I was a kid came back to me as I painted this one.
 It's slowly coming together.  I love how my shelves bring in some color with my black and white based home.
 It's so fun to see how things just fit together.  Now that the paintings are up I'm seeing how they fit.

 The sky is fitting....
 with my blue jean love seat....
 The bright fresh green grass is fitting......
 with my boxwood.
 and the black dirt just happens to fit with Williams art that he named My Dirt!
 My colorful quilt art is fitting.....
 with my colorful rainbow ordered books...
 I'm learning that you really just have to not think too hard about decorating, go with your heart and gut and put things you love in your home and somehow they will fit!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get outside!
Blessings, Julie

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