Decisions, decisions in the Kitchen

Monday, June 24, 2013

 Lately we've been going back and finishing up on all our projects from the 1st year in our home.  I've been simi happy with our kitchen.  I love the white cabinets and the floor.  It just seems a little too white with the light cabinets, walls and counter tops.
So we've been thinking down the road.  With ?'s like: are we going to stay here for 10 more years or until we are old?  Do we really want to go out in the country and buy some land and build? If we do stay here do we want to add on?
We decided if we do stay here we will add on and make the kitchen bigger and possible add a 2nd level to this house.  So that effects the decisions we make now.  If we are to make the kitchen bigger and change the counter tops we may not want to invest in pricey counter tops now if everything is going to change later. But at the same time if we invest in granite counter tops and sell the house as is would that be a worth the investment?  We went back and forth and finally Scotty said let's do laminate for now.  I said okay and felt relieved and went and ordered some laminate!
Then the decisions started again.....with the hundreds of different laminates to choose from!
 We had about ten narrowed down......
I kept on going back to this soapstone looking one that has a little black and gray in it.....
 It was between these 2...........we went with the gray/black one.
Then it was time to decided on a new sink. Scotty and I got used to using a large one bowel sink in our old house and we loved it.  So now I'm trying to decide on what color to go with.  I'm leaning toward the black  granite composite one.
 So in a couple of weeks we should have new counter tops and I plan to put a bead board back splash.  Not only because I like it now but it wouldn't be that big of investment if we change it later.    I plan to put  bead board 3/4's up the walls and trim it out too. I plan to paint above the bead board.    So that's my next decision is to choose a paint color...... More to come!

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