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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

 I know our summer last year was nuts, more like a can of mixed nuts with so many different flavors of nuts!  It's been a year now since we moved to Iowa and it's not as nutty as last summer but it feels just as busy but in a much better way!  We have been finishing up on the upstairs and I've been picking some color for the walls, just some color, I LOVE my white walls. I'm  painting a couple of accent walls and I want some color in my very white kitchen.   We are in the middle of buying some land in our back yard, getting new counter tops, back splash, sink, painting, and making plans for the mudroom! in the middle of it all I had to do something fun.   I framed our family pics and made a family wall.
 I'm still figuring everything out.  I love the wall. Questioning the mate on our gates sign?  but other wise love it.  I don't know if I'm going to put anything on my buffet....sometimes it's just nice to have a clean buffet ready to be used!

7 years ago this month I married this man.  He is the most confident man I know, not because he can talk clever even though I think he is funny, Scotty Gates simply doesn't let himself get in the way of life period.  I witness his love everyday!
My cousin Katie took pictures for us.  She's great, her business is taking off, she loves kids and every parent loves that!    I love how this picture shows how much these boys can't get enough, fighting or playing they are together!

 We've been prepping to get new counter tops.  1st thing was to get rid of the bread box.  I had a love hate relationship with the bread box.  I loved how easy you could tuck things away but I hated the look.   Now I love how it opens the kitchen more and gives me more counter top space! FIY: It's completely off now, this pic shows us cutting it halfway.
  So again in the middle of everything I have the privilege to help my cousin Sara out with her wedding.  Her and Colby are the cutest things and are getting married in Agriculture building at the Iowa state fair.  
The building is giant so we need some giant pieces to do it justice so we are building 6 foot wide chandeliers... Something in the middle of this twiggy wreath chandelier and....
 this really gody flowery one..
 I've been putting a mini wreath chandelier together with my kitchen wreath with her colors, it's been fun and it's nice to take a breather from all the house stuff and make something pretty! Cant' wait to see these beauties come together! This wedding is the last one of the Vanderpools and it's going to be a big celebration!

More to come....Lots to come!

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