Charcoal Hallway

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When we 1st moved in I painted everything white....trim and the walls.  I love white but my hallway was a little too white. I envisioned the hallway being a small art gallery for my kidos. I decided to paint the walls a charcoal gray....couldn't go quite all black (that would creep me out in a hallway).  So here's what the hallway looked like this when we 1st moved in......

Here's what it looked like after new flooring and white paint. Decided to snap a picture in the middle of painting the walls gray:)
Here's the charcoal walls....
I plan to hang some of Williams work on this wall....
I want to blow his pictures up big to make a bright statement in this dark hallway.  And I want to hang some picture lights above his work to brighten this dark narrow space up too.

Here's a couple of Williams drawings that I love. I might just buy a poster board and let me go at it, instead of having them blown up....better quality and inexpensive!

I want to get gold lights....they are classic and wouldn't get lost in the dark wall.  These will be such a nice touch especially at night walking down this hallway.

Still finishing the kitchen, we are determined to finish before we finish something else or start something new! Boundaries are a great thing for young and old!!

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