Finishing: Counter top Before and After

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 We got the counter tops in!!  I got to hang with my sister and mom all day Saturday and came home to new counter tops and sink! Here's the BEFORE:

and AFTER:
 It's starting to feel more like my kitchen.  We are going to put wide plank white bead board up 3/4 up the wall. I finally found the paint color I liked, after adding a little white and a little gray to my blue.   Scotty decided he wants tile for the back splash, which I'm fine with, so more decisions to make.

Our goal is finish the upstairs before we move on the downstairs.  This is a good goal and keeps the sanity around here.  I'm guessing it won't be until next year till we start the downstairs.  Which I'm fine with.  After last summer and remodeling full board, I like this slow pace and finishing feels great.  So with all our finishing projects I have lists.  Does anyone else love lists?!

Finish painting the walls Blue
Touch up the ceiling that's not supposed to be blue
Paint the last kitchen drawer
Put hardware on drawer
Put on the cabinet
Paint all the cabinets semi gloss (made the mistake of painting the cabinets satin, it's a pain to paint them again but will be well worth it)
Start looking at tile
Buy tile
Install tile
Finish the floor by the sliding door
Trim the room with baseboard
Caulk around sink
Get tool to tighten the sink faucet more(a wrench wasn't doing the job or the faucet was in to tight of a place for the wrench to work)
Get a new trash can
Make decorating list
So there's my kitchen list.....getting excited to cross those babies off ( or some days I call them a stronger B word;)

Been planing the mudroom.  Love this room.  I got this wallpaper sample and I think I love it. It's matching my gray ceiling perfect.   This is a damask wallpaper.  It has golds, tans, blue gray and off white.....a lot of colors I love.
More on this room to come...  I have a couple antique dog pictures that I'm planing to hang in this room along with Katie girl and all her cousins, because we all love our dogs and they are like family! I love the contrast of a classy wallpaper with something really rustic like dogs..... And really a mudroom is the perfect place to have a dog gallery, don't ya think?!

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