From Rainbow to Neutral Bookcases

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

 Like many things around my house, things get changed around.  I haven't hated the look of my book cases but I didn't love them either.  So I completely cleared them and started over....Here is what they look like now....
This is BEFORE.....they were more colorful and bright which kind of annoyed me at times and felt distracting.
 So instead of the bright rainbow look......

 I flipped all my books and went more neutral.....
 I took a few pictures out and added a candle, a jar full of dominos, my KC letters and rearranged my picture boxes (that need new labels that the boys took off).  And yes one day soon we will finally get to the baseboards and officially build these suckers in!
 So again BEFORE:
 Here's what they look like from afar....
 and AFTER:
 AFTER: much warmer looking.  I think the last thing I want to do it put some picture lights up above my Iowa landscape pics above the bookcases.
 Here's my baby shelf and yes there is a clock on this shelf because times does fly, which some days I'm grateful but most I'm sad about!, love this shelf!!!

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