Rhythm Blue Color Dance

Friday, July 12, 2013

 So we got our counter tops in, well in our garage.  We plan to install them this weekend, along with a sink. We wanted to see how they look so we took off the little counters and set the new ones in.  Here's the BEFORE....
and AFTER.....and yes I see that little "To Do" drawer that we lost in the shuffle while painting all the cabinets last summer....it will get primed, painted and hardwared soon, this blog can hold me accountable!;)

Cleared the above the cabinets. Like the clean look and will eventually put some stuff back but not as much.   Put some color on the wall.  Picking color is never easy.  I bought a misty blue that I thought it would be a gray blue....ended up being bright baby blue on my wall.  I've done this color dance before where you go back and forth to homedepot and try different colors.  I decided to take the lead of this dance and make my own gray/misty blue. I took my favorite charcoal gray, off white and that baby blue color and started mixin.   Put the color on the wall and said "yep that's it".....Like my dad says...sometimes you just have to do it yourself to get it right.  So I called this color Rhythm Blue after Johny Cash's song "Get a Rhythm".
Here's my gray accent wall in the living.....loving the warmth but still have enough white walls for my liking.
 Also painted the hallway gray, it was too white with all the white doors.  The trim and doors really pop now.  More to come on that....
 I've been waiting to get to this room since the day we moved in.  The mudroom!! And right now it's looks a little muddy and a throw all room.  Been trying paint colors.  Painted the ceiling gray but maybe want to go a little darker....
I just love the ugly before pictures. I'm thinking about putting some wall paper  in this room along with a cubby bench with lots of hooks and shelves. I just want this room to feel warm and welcoming!
 Warm wishes to you this weekend! Enjoy!

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