Before and After 1st Trimester Therapy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pregnancy is sooooo funny!  I've been fumbling around, forgetting my name, looking around for something that is right in front of me.  Even though I have days like this anyway, my body is extra distracted making this sweet baby inside me.  One thing that I struggle with during the 1 trimester besides feel nauseous is not being able to DO....I am a Doer!!! and when I not doing I really don't know who I am and I feel like I'm going crazy!! So I decided to go back and look at all our projects to make me feel better and lift my spirits a little.   
So here's my little house tour of what we have got done and are still working on.....

Other side of the living room, didn't have a before pic.....



other side of the kitchen BEFORE:

and AFTER.....


 and AFTER.....


 and AFTER:

and AFTER:
Ahhh I feel better.  It's been so fun to watch this home become ours.   New projects are coming along slowly as this babe is growing rapid!
Have a wonderful weekend and squeeze that those babies that are returning to school soon!

PS: Thank you to all my readers that read my misspelled/not perfect grammar blog while I'm not pregnant, God Bless the ones who read while I am pregnant!!:)


Adrienne said...

I love this post! Take this time to plan and make coasters ;) love us and I hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

A big congratulations to you and Scottie on your pregnancy! What a wonderful gift for your family. Don't feel bad about taking time to rest instead of crafting; you've made amazing progress on your home in such a short amount of time. :)