Summer Fever and 1 reason I blog

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I find myself counting down the days of summer.  I do this every year around the end of  August but this year I'm counting closely because my 1st trimester ends at the end of September!  I so wish I could just pick up a gun and blow summer away (especially Hot "A" days like this) but for now I'm enjoying watching the flowers die, the state fair end, School buses go by, and even horror movie trailers showing on TV.....(which I can't stand horror movies). All of these things indicate my favorite time of year is close and summer is ending!

Things are slow around here.  I hate not being able to do, but I know this is this our  last child and mentally saying to myself this is the last time you will ever feel like this is encouraging! So I'm watching way too much TV, sitting way to much.  I think I'm a bit of an extremist, when I do I do and when I don't I don't!  Balance is always hard work that I'm just not willing to do right now and I've learned that that's okay during this time.  Even knowing it's okay I still can't wrap my brain around that I am doing a lot making this baby, I think my mind just doesn't agree with that concept, because the dishes are still not done, laundry is piling and the boys are getting bored.  

Thanks for listening to my baby making babble!:)  I just need to talk and get it out.  One reason I blog is motivation.  I feel motivated to get things done around the house and somewhat accountable when I blog.  When I say I'm going to do it on here I feel like I have to finish and I hope that is encouraging/inspiring to you.  I guess right now I'm just getting my thoughts out to know there is an end to this season I'm going through and that is encouraging to me!

So I'm wondering "Why do you Blog?"

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Matt, Melissa, Baxter, Matthias, Matijs said...

You are doing a lot in making #3!!! Keep up the good work!!!