Young Creative Minds & the Project Dance

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 As an artist mom one thing I know is that you don't want to mess with young minds......creativity will be tainted with adult minds.
 Scotty was so nice to sign me and William up for an open studio time at the Des Monies Art Center.  William loved it and was a bit intimidated not by painting but painting in a different place than home.  Home is safe and not distracting.  I saw a big difference in his concentration at the studio .....he can paint for an hour and be totally focused at home. At the studio he looked around at what other kids were doing and seemed a bit distracted.  It was interesting to watch.
I told myself before I went to the studio that other moms will have different parenting styles with there kids and that is perfectly okay.   It's saves me from judging or getting frustrated and really just focusing on William and not others.  But of course even after I told myself that boundary,  I ran into a good mom but she had many opinions on what her son should or should not be painting.  And one time told him that he can't do that or shouldn't do that.  Or stop cutting the paper you are making a mess....PLEASE!!!  I wasn't expecting that!
I just thought how's such a joy to just watch and see what they come up with on there own.  I know it's fall and a fall picture would be appropriate at this time of year but if they see something else to paint let them do that!! It was hard for me to believe that this little boy needed his mom coaching him the whole time, I was so curious of what he would put on the paper......but again I'm not his mom and next time I know what to expect a little better going to the studio!
 So I'm totally using my son to make some art work for my walls.  I wish I had more time to paint but for now I using my William.  It helps that he is totally into it so I guess I'm not totally using him! I had some poster board I was going to use for Fisher's Lorax party.  His party didn't end up happening so I thought what can I do with this poster board....then I remembered how I wanted to hang William's paintings down my hallway!  It wasn't on my to do list but William was doing all the work and was entertained.
 so as I was doing laundry I would check on him and see what he was coming up with and I just fell in love!! I thought I want to wear this as a skirt for spring.....might have to make some fabric out of this one!! Just love his painted belly, and yes he probably should be wearing a shirt since it's cold but this crazy mom just went though every ones closet and got rid of anything stained!
 So I tacked it up in my dark charcoal hallway for now....I love how bright it makes this hallway!
 I plan to frame his painting in a bright brassy gold frame and get a painting light to go above it.  I will do this  down the road as I do have many other projects going on.  Sometimes you get a start on projects naturally.  As much as I'm focused on getting the mudroom done, just like art you have to go with the flow. Decorating is just not on my list right now....we are doing our best to tackle the practical....but it was nice to see this pretty piece up!
 So this weekend we planned to work on the mudroom, then Scotty came home with papers from the county for the land we are in the process of buying.  So our neighbor started clearing the tall grass and we ended up helping him with that.
 That's another project that we will be tackling next spring but we got to tap into it a little this weekend.
 Another project that's not on the list is making a fireplace mantel for the living room.  This is totally decorative project and is not on the practical list at all.  BUT....when you have 2 little boys who get the kindle fire confused with the TV and like to touch it and put there finger prints all over it.  We needed to tap into this project to get the TV up! It just wasn't a battle I was willing to win....judge me if ya please!
 Much better! and I'm so thankful for a husband who listens to my daily struggles and makes it better! So the fireplace project is not happening for a while but it is planned out....
 I'm not a carpenter but I love to try.....we plan to build this simple mantel under the TV.  I'm more than excited to be done with the entertainment center.  One less thing to dust and and remove finger prints from!!
 It would be a lovely Christmas miracle to see the fireplace done by Christmas but no exceptions!
So we got a little side tracked taping into other projects this weekend. Do you ever do this with projects?! I call it the project dance and sometimes other projects cut in when you least expect it!

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