our Gracie Ann

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Hello Friends, I'm not sure how to write what has happened to us in the past weeks.  As many of you know our baby Girl passed away at 23 weeks December 7th.  I was hesitant to write about our struggle with the news of her having downs syndrome as I felt we were is a state of trust and didn't really have much to say but that we were trusting God.  And we were doing our best to take it step by step ultrasound by ultrasound and be there for our boys and each other.   

But now I can't help but share with you a poem I wrote for our daughter as she has touched and changed our lives forever......

Gracie Ann Story of Grace
November 7th It’s a Girl: Shock, Joy, happiness…. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Minutes Later, Down Syndrome markers: Shock, Disbelief, Time stops, Worry sets in …. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Breath Held....
November 12th Test to confirm Downs: Waiting, Waiting, Worry…. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
November 15th Test results confirmed positive: Pain, Hurt, Morning, Worry, Why…. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Stripped Down to TRUST….
Dec 5th Ultra Sound: Baby girl is sick, Pain, Hopeless, Helpless, Trust…. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Next Day December 6th: Heart stops, Hearts break, Pain, Hurt, Peace…. (Grace, Grace, Grace)
 Begin Breathing....
Name our daughter Gracie Ann
December 6th Night drive to Hospital:
 humming….Silent night
 Holy night
 All is calm
 All is bright.....(Grace, Grace, Grace)
Labor (12 hours) Pain, nurses, doctors…..(Grace, Grace, Grace)
December 7th Baby Girl delivered: Fear, Pain eased, Pain gained..... (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Holding Her (Mother and Child): Daddy’s lips, Daddy’s legs, Daddy’s toes,
Daddy’s Hands, Beautiful, Joy...... (Grace, Grace, Grace)
Infant so tender and mild…..
Tender Body
Tender Life
Now made Perfect
She is Mine
She is His
Grace came down for a moment…..
planted in our hearts
 our Baby
Gracie Ann
Sleep in Heavenly Peace…..
I can't thank my family, friends, and mentors enough for there support, I could make a list a mile long from prayers, to meals, taking care of my boys, to just being there. I love you all so much! 


Lisa said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Mandy Kimble said...

Much love & prayers for you and your family Julie. There will never be words that can fully encompass losing a child. It is a wound that is soul deep. I am so sorrowful that you and Scott have to face this path, it is one I wish I could pray away from any parent to have to walk down. So thankful that you do have incredible support very nearby, know you're more than welcome to get in touch with me & Gordon if you ever feel the need. You will be forever changed, God is with you, has been with you, and you will look back and see his mighty hand at work through all of this tragedy much more clearly as more time passes. I was not able to absorb much advice in my early days of grief, but I will pass on one thing I wish I had done more of in the early weeks - allow myself to mourn, my prayer is that you will have the time & opportunity to weep. Much love - Mandy

Missy June said...

Sweet Julie, I'm just so very sorry. Your womanhood and humanity will be forever deepened by Gracie Ann's time in your life. I pray you have time to grieve and be comforted and that you find strength to live with this loss. I'm so sorry.

Unknown said...

This poem is beautiful, Julie. Absolutely beautiful.

This Sunday the main song in service was Silent Night. Jim and I both cried together while the song softly played chorus by chorus. As we sang the song, it felt more like a prayer for you and Scottie. We will continue to pray for God's amazing comfort as you grieve.

Thank you for sharing these precious moments with your Gracie Ann. They give us joy getting to be apart of them. She's already touched so many lives with her blessings.

Rachel said...

Gracie Ann, what a beautiful name for a beautiful daughter. Trusting God's sweet, tender Grace to continue to cover you and your family.