Boys Bedroom: Bed frame for life

Friday, January 17, 2014

I love decorating kids rooms.  Fisher is now in a big boy bed and it is time to freshen the boys shared room. I tried my hardest to stay clear from what I like to call "disposable furniture." I've seen a trend that drives me nuts; you buy a crib, then a toddler bed, then a twin bed, then some kind of bar so they don't fall out of that bed, then maybe bunk beds if you have 2 kids. Though you may not throw it all in the trash you do have to sell or donate it.  I guess I'm to the point where I don't want to hassle with it and I'm sick of wasting money (even if it's a good garage sale/craigslist deal).....I think about how that money could have gone towards something i really want.  So after months of thinking about bunk beds, wood bed frames, making a bed frame, making a head board. Here's what I came up with......

I found this bed frame Here on Amazon.  I was debating where or not to get a box spring or not.  I didn't really didn't want to spend the money on one.  I looked at many frames but they seemed low to the ground and I wanted something higher that I could put a few bins under and grab toys easily.  I loved that this one was high had rounded edges for comfort and safety.  The frame supports up 3000 pounds and can withstand jumping.  It can be used for any mattress including memory foam.

I set up the boys room with twin beds because I like the look and I think they would love bunk beds but they would get sick of them eventually.  I wanted something they could use through high school.  I have a bed skirt (that by the way needs ironed) on them now but you could buy or build a padded or wooden frame to go around them and add a headboard.  I like that flexibility and room to grow and change it if you want to.
 Love the storage.....
 When Fisher was ready for his big boy bed I didn't want to go out and buy one of those bar thingies to keep him from falling out of the bed.  Again it's something I would have to get rid of and to me it's a waste of money......
 I've said it before you can build a house with  zip ties.... I took his bar from his crib and zipped it to his bed frame. Works great and cost me nothing!
A very nice feature about these bed frames is that they fold up and can be stored easily .  I thought way down the road that my grand babies could use these at my house one day.
 I'm slowly getting there with the boys room. I think I made the right decision on the bed frames, I see a long and happy marriage with them.   I want to share more on there bedding later. Instead of a headboard I bought some Euro Pillows.  I'm working on quilting the pillow covers with a wood grain.
I think we all go a little nuts with the baby stuff in our homes.  Do you have any tips on how to cut the disposable baby stuff trend?

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