Boys Room: Wood Grain Euro Pillows

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When I was thinking about what to do for the boys headboards I was looking at Pinterest of course and pinning ideas.  I pinned a lot of DIY wooden headboards.  I kept having this gut feeling that told me "don't go too trendy", "keep in mind that DIY doesn't always mean inexpensive."
With my budget in mind, I decided to go with a Euro pillow.  Euro pillows are classic and I don't see them trending out.  They can be changed and upgraded as needed too.

So instead of getting my hammer and nails, I grabbed my sewing machine!  I saw on Pinterest some wood grain quilted pillows.  I thought perfect, I still get the wood headboard feel without completely committing to it! I ordered 2 pillows from target. They were on sale for $9.99, $10 off every $50 spent, and %5 off my target debit card.  I don't know the total cost but they were a pretty good deal!   Instead of going to the fabric store I looked in my linen closet.  I found a mattress cover we didn't need, a brown sheet that we weren't using, and kitchen curtains I wasn't going to use.  So my cost for material $0 and cleaning out my closet was a plus too!

I didn't DIY this post but I made the pillow covers so that they could slip off  and on. This is how I do all my pillows, I like that you can change them out and there are no zippers involved.  As far as the wood grain quilting I just went for it with no was fun and quite relaxing....I hate patterns!!!

Here's the final product....

 I was thinking of painting the wood grain or bleaching it with a bleach pen, but I'm so glad I took the time to quilt them....I love the texture it gives!!
 Woody seems pretty pleased with the pillows too!!
Speaking of mudroom is getting trimmed out!  We are using the trim that we ripped out when we 1st moved in. I love using what we have and at the same time saving money and cleaning out our garage.
I've been working on painting the trim and getting this space functional with hooks and a coat rack.  My goal is to get to the floor this weekend!
Shopping in your home can not only save you money but allow you to freely be trendy and creative without guilt. I hope that you find yourself shopping at home 1st before hitting the stores!  

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