Little Peek: Clean and Green Kitchen

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursdays I try and clean my kitchen really good.  It doesn't always happen every week but I do try.  I've been off my cleaning schedule since we've moved, we've been in remodeling limbo for almost 2 years.   We are getting ever so close to being done with our upstairs. I look forward to the day when I can JUST clean and decorate my home without a major project going on!!

But yesterday even though we are working hard on our mudroom,  I felt this urge to deep clean the kitchen. I cleaned it inside and out and ceiling to felt wonderful!! So since my kitchen was all spiffed up I thought I would give you a peek.....

I have loved this diving pig picture for years, he's the focal point of my kitchen.  Looking at him yesterday while it's freezing outside, I thought of warm summer days and cool ponds. I love the greens in this picture. Green as naturally become my accent color in my decor,  maybe one day I'll commit to something bold!   I have plants throughout my home and during these cold months I love caring for them until I can go outside and dig in the dirt!
We still have my small list of things we need to finish like painting one last drawer and tiling the back splash.  I  haven't focused on decorating too much expect for hanging my piggy picture.  But yesterday after cleaning I treated myself to a DIY project and hung a couple of plates......
I bought these plates at a garage sale when I 1st moved to KC 13 plus years ago.... I loved them then and I love them now.
The greens and the touch of black in the plates matched my picture perfectly.
Instead of buying a plate hanger I DIY 'ed it with wire and hot glue.
Then while the glue was warm I put a piece of duck tape over it to secure it.  It worked great!
 I've been wanting to hang my recycling bag up for quite some time.  I like not having a huge bulky bin of recycling cluttering my kitchen, so I picked this cute little hobby lobby bag to do my recycling.  You could say I'm anti having stuff on my floors since my trash can is under my sink too.  So having my recycling bag up was a must!
I got this brass hook from my grandpas garage sale. I empty this bag a couple times a week or more if needed.
Then finally I prepared some green smoothies for the boys and I.  Instead of dragging out all the stuff everyday I like to do it once and be done! could say it makes my week go more SMOOTH ;)

I put strawberries, spinach, pineapple, mango, banana, and blueberries in the bags.  Then when ready to make I add some yogurt and sometimes coconut oil.  I clean and reuse the bags many times.
Fighting cabin fever can be a challenge, it helps me to keep my home nice and clean with plants and fresh fruits and veggies around! Taking a trip to the beach would be helpful too:)
Is there anything you do to keep your spirits warm during the winter months?

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